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10 juin 2006



Le design et le programme de casting sont vraiment sympas et alléchants...


>> I believe that he shluod pay for the private engagements himself and the taxpayer shluod fund those where he is representing the UK, if on official business sanctioned by the government.There will be fine points which can be identified, but to issue a fiat for his paying for non-official protection strikes as calls for the likes of Frank Dobson to re-appraise their council house rents. Laws made due to individual cases are bad laws.Why not insist that he pay for all non-official security, even when at home? Why not require Salman Rushdie, who chose his fate, to pay for backdated security?Part of a functioning society is equal application of state rights and protection - not just for those we like.>> He is a top terrorist target because he took us into an illegal war in Iraq, No he's not, and no he didn't. The invasion of Iraq has exacerbated matters, but the terror threat predated it (predated even one of the greatest single mass-killings since the end of the Second World War). There is little distinction in the minds of those who'd assassinate him and those who kill "dancing slags" in London nightclubs.As for the invasion, I believe it was neither illegal nor warrented. Yet, two years afterwards, he and Labour were re-elected to Government, so the people have arguably given their approval.

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